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Say hello to your natural whites...

Metal teeth fillings have always been a matter of acute embarrassment for people. But what options did you have? However, it is time to say goodbye to your dentures and obtain sophisticated and absolutely natural looking white filling through restorative dentistry at Parramatta.

The restorative dental treatment offered by VY Wong Dental aims at reinstating the former glory of your dental set. We understand that metal or silver fillings not only look unpleasant but also increase teeth sensitivity. It is our firm belief that a treatment should eliminate discomfort, and not lead to new problems. Our team of dental experts makes sure that any treatment meted out to our patients is absolutely devoid of side effects or post treatment discomforts and at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

A seamless procedure with quality products

High quality resin replaces the broken fragments of your former smile and completes it without the slightest hint of artificiality. Restorative dental treatment is not just essential for physical beauty but also plays a vital role in maintaining the oral health and hygiene that is often compromised with, when you have damaged teeth. There are multiple treatment options to choose from when undergoing white filling treatment. Restorative dentistry in Parramatta comprises of a team of adept dental specialists who will take personal care to help you make the perfect choice for your dental needs.

Restorative dental treatment is much more than a mere cosmetic treatment. A smile is what distinguishes us from one another and creates the first time impression on anyone. An improper smile can decimate self-confidence. And silver fillings are worse than fragmented teeth. You do not want people to concentrate on visible fillings instead of your invisible feelings. And you do not want every dining session to become a matter of pain and distress. So, let the flawless technology of VY Wong end your sorrow and introduce you to the world of heartfelt and blissful smiles once more.

Vy Wong Dental are committed to provide you with a wide range of dental services to meet your very needs.
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