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Regain the confidence to smile again...

Your teeth form an essential part of the body. Not only are they required for the sake of physical beauty but also for routinely activities like chewing, talking and biting. Loss of teeth can affect your self-esteem and make you socially awkward. The loss can also dictate you food choices and cause a lot of problems and embarrassment during dining sessions on a regular basis. Let the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth not dictate the terms of your life for there is a simple solution for it at VY Wong Dental.

Recreating smiles from scratch

Our team of efficient and skilled dental specialists can reconstruct your missing tooth or set of teeth and rebuild your entire set with the highest quality dental implants or temporary dentures according to the need of the patient. The procedure of prosthodontics in Parramatta is done with the highest quality material available for different needs or different predicaments.

We can reconstruct single tooth damage or create a denture for an entire set of missing teeth, or even implant teeth in the required places. We believe that a smile should never be inhibited; hence prosthodontics in Parramatta is aimed to recreate the lost smiles from scratch so that you can once more enjoy the comfort of choosing the food you eat and not getting embarrassed in public due to speech imparity induced by missing teeth.

Frowns are a thing of the past

Tooth reconstruction is a complicated and intricate procedure, but at VY Wong Dental we prioritize the comfort of our patients over everything else. Hence we will make sure you understand each step of the process and opt for the treatment most relevant to your needs. Our skilled team will make sure you never have to shy away from smiling with an open heart and an open mouth ever again.

Vy Wong Dental are committed to provide you with a wide range of dental services to meet your very needs.
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