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It all starts with you...

Prevention is better than cure that is the staunch belief based on which the preventive dentistry wing of VY Wong Dental is established. Our team of preventive dentists in Parramatta tirelessly tries to build awareness about preventive dentistry which can reduce the danger of experiencing dental issues that will require lifelong expensive treatment.

Preventive dentistry in Parramatta revolves around the idea of maintaining oral hygiene on your own by regular dental care and visits to the clinic. Preventive dentistry is not just about visiting clinics though, it is also about general awareness regarding oral health and hygiene.

Taking care of oral health and hygiene

Preventive dentists in Parramatta help our patients realise the different lifestyle choices that can adversely affect their oral health. Oral health is not just about maintaining your pearly whites. The mouth is a sensitive and bacteria prone area of the body which if not cleaned properly can lead to heinous diseases and infections that can all be prohibited by preventive dentistry.

Preventive dental care comprises of multiple aspects, regular check-ups in the clinic and lifestyle maintenance being few of its crucial points. It is also important to use the proper tooth brush to clean your teeth so that it can dislodge unwanted particles that may later lead to cavities and teeth spacing. It is essential to floss regularly to keep your gums healthy. All these, along with the different ways to maintain tongue hygiene, the proper toothpaste composition to use, are essentials that need constant checking and awareness, and which we always stress upon while providing preventive dentistry in Parramatta.

We understand the need to keep your mouth as beautiful as your personality since it is the mouth that forms the stunning smiles. It is the ardent dedication of our skilled team that makes preventive dentistry in Parramatta a highly specialized area focussing on patients and their dental needs. So we welcome you to VY Wong dental Care and hope you leave with a 1000 Watt smile.

Vy Wong Dental are committed to provide you with a wide range of dental services to meet your very needs.
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