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Don't let your worst nightmare come true...

Gum infections are notorious and once contracted can have serious consequences. Gum infections can lead you to lose your teeth and even spread into worse infections that have effects beyond the dental problems. Periodontal gum treatment is the need of the hour if you have contracted gum infections and it is possible to heal your gums without the haunting possibility of your worst nightmare materializing.

Heal with us

Our team of periodontics in Parramatta is adept in surgical, non-surgical and even medicated treatment that can eradicate the disease from the root. Gum infections can be a result of unhealthy habits like smoking and other lifestyle choices that gradually take a toll on your oral health and lead to the formation of plaque on your teeth. However, periodontal gum treatment includes deep cleaning methods like scaling and root planning that can remove the layer of plaque giving your gums the air to heal.

Complete gum care

Gingivitis can lead your gums to swell and bleed which can be avoided by regular flossing and brushing but periodontitis has to be treated immediately to curb it from transforming into something worse. The bacterial infection can start infecting the tissue and bone structure that support the tooth. The tooth eventually loosens up and falls off. This problem is prevalent in adults. Our team of expert periodontics in Parramatta can help you overcome your gum problem with thorough check-ups and effective treatment. However, maintaining your oral hygiene and keeping a check on your addictions is a matter of willpower and discipline.

Your problem is our concern and at VY Wong Dental we will make sure that you do not feel like you are battling your problems alone. The care and efficiency we provide will help you through your predicament with ease.

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