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Effective braces for beautiful smiles...

A crooked set of teeth can highly hamper the quality of your smile and the structure of your face. At VY Wong Dental we ensure that no person faces the embarrassment of a crooked smile. Therefore we introduce to you high quality orthodontic services that can fix your dental structure gradually over time.

Experience the finest orthodontic treatment at our clinic and mend your smiles to perfection so that you never have to shy away from impressing the world with your pearly whites. A skilful dentist orthodontist team makes sure that you have a comfortable experience and make rapid improvement over time to achieve the desired shape of your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of metal braces that is primarily made of a slim wire that will run across the entire length of your teeth through metal brackets which are introduced carefully over your distorted teeth. The metal wire exerts a soft force over your teeth and gradually pushes it to place and fixes the distortion in time. If you wish, we can also go for invisible braces.

An affordable way to transform your face

Our team of dentist orthodontist is here to help you achieve the desired face shape at an affordable cost. Braces are the most economical way to reposition your teeth to its proper place. It is a gradual process, it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 months to see a substantial difference. But it is the simplest, most effective and painless way to restore the glory of your smile.

A crooked set of teeth can make you feel self-conscious and inhibit your true self from showing its full potential. It is time to get over your insecurities and put your smile in order with VY Wong Dental by your side. We will make sure you dazzle your way to confidence.

Vy Wong Dental are committed to provide you with a wide range of dental services to meet your very needs.
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