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Uproot your agony smoothly...

Dental problems can often cause extreme pain and infections that can ruin more than just your teeth. The gums are potential victims of poor oral hygiene and cavities. The point where root canals fail is if the entirety of a tooth has rotten beyond the point of salvation. However a tooth can also cause pain by cropping up in the wrong position in the mouth, thereby traumatising the entire mouth. Wisdom tooth is known to be problematic. The only solution in these cases is the complete extraction of the tooth causing the discomfort, in an established oral surgery clinic.

Why go for tooth extraction?

At VY Wong Dental we will make sure that the traumatizing experience of tooth extraction is as comfortable as possible without pain during the surgery or any discomfort post-surgery. Wisdom tooth extraction is another reason why you may want to approach our clinic, and this is done flawlessly by our team of dental experts.

Our oral surgery clinic also caters to people who want to remove a tooth or multiple teeth for the sake of cosmetic reasons. Tooth extraction can highly affect the shape of a person's face and can even transform your smile. Despite the entire idea of wisdom tooth extraction or tooth extraction in general being so intimidating, it is a boon in case of rotten or infected teeth which can greatly endanger the gums. It is better to get rid of the cause than suppress it.

It is not scary at all!

We will make sure that your experience is non-traumatizing and devoid of pain. Anaesthesia during the surgery and proper pain killers post-surgery will keep any discomfort at bay and help you lead a healthier lifestyle for days to come. After all one rotten apple can destroy the bunch. Smile with confidence and live a painless life with VY Wong Dental by your side.

Vy Wong Dental are committed to provide you with a wide range of dental services to meet your very needs.
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