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A hazard well taken care of...

Bruxism is a common phenomenon that can be quite a hazard for your teeth. It is the involuntary tendency to grind your teeth against one another in sleep. It is often induced or aggravated by stress, and once bruxism is detected, it continues for a lifetime. The constant grinding action gradually takes a toll on your teeth leading to dental corrosion. Uneven teeth, eroded enamel and damaged shape of the teeth are few of the consequences of bruxism.

It can also chip away the surface of your back teeth and also wear away the edges of the front teeth. It can make your smile look unsightly and make your teeth sensitive to hot, cold or sour food items. It is also possible for bruxism to cause damage to the jaw joints and associated muscles by putting too much strain on them. But Vy Wong Dental's occlusal therapy can be a great solution to this problem.

The solution at a glance

The best way to get over this predicament is occlusal therapy. Occlusal splints were first introduced by Dr. Michael Darveniza in an attempt to treat the temporomandibular joint disorder. The ideal occlusal therapy our specialists conduct is to insert a thick, hard piece of acrylic resin splint in your mouth at night to keep the two sets of teeth from grinding into each other.

Prolonged use of the splints is not required because the grinding usually takes place at night unless it is a temporomandibular joint disorder which will require you to wear the splint for longer hours. The splints gradually bring the disjoint back to its original place thereby fixing the problem of teeth grinding on each other. And wearing the split at night prevents the effects of bruxism from ruining your teeth.

At VY Wong Dental we believe in premium quality service for our patients and restoring the lost smiles on their faces. Occlusal therapy is easy, affordable and hassle free with us.

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