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Making you smile all through…

Adapting to every requirement of our patients, VY Wong Dental has established itself as the most respected dental clinic in Westmead. A lot of this goodwill has been down to the consistent performances delivered by our highly qualified and technically proficient team of dentists, who work keeping in mind the primary objective of our Westmead dental Centre which always has been to build a long-term relationship with all of our patients. We provide the best possible solutions to all dental needs and problems, effectively using the most advanced technological equipments in dentistry at the moment.

Although the ability to deal with such advanced technology is one of the main requirements we necessitate on any dentist in Westmead looking to work for us, the underlying essence of our team which is to solve any problem our patient may present in front of us, be it something as meek as a session of teeth whitening or getting a missing tooth reinstated, you can bank on them to always deliver. Needless to say, solving slightly more serious problems like the requirement of root canal therapy or performing oral surgery, is also something our team of professionals is extremely comfortable with.

Perseverance, Care and Utmost Dedication – The Essentials of our Service

While making sure all our patients' routine hygiene is taken care of, along with standard dental procedures like fillings, crowns and bridges along with various other procedures, we also instil a certain degree of professionalism into all of our employees which calls for perseverance, care and utmost dedication while handling any patient. Employing specialists for all kinds of requirements like cosmetic dentistry, occlusal therapy, laser whitening, and a whole range of services that can only be carried out by a qualified dentist in Westmead, we ensure total patient satisfaction.

Driving Westmead dental Centre to more and more success, our attitude towards patients coupled with our obsession to make sure all of our patients leave our clinic with a smile on their face, has truly served us well in our pursuit for brilliance. Achieving excellence in restorative, preventive as well as conservative dentistry, our process is thorough and one that leaves no stones unturned. We analyse our patients' total oral history, which includes checking of past complications or dental surgeries, if there are any. After this, our expert conducts a thorough examination, advising the patient accordingly, be it the suggestion of implanting braces or going through a surgery. Ensuring that for a patient any trip to our dental clinic in Westmead is one full of joy and satisfaction is our chief goal.

Highest Quality Dental Care within Your Reach

Our dental clinic in Westmead, despite boasting a multidisciplinary team, believes in effectively collaborating with all of our patients in discussing the specific needs be it a simple issue or the most complicated one. Understanding that not every patient has the same amount vested into their dental budget, we make sure that we deliver dental care within your reach, while maintaining that the treatment you receive from our dentist in Westmead is as hassle-free as possible.

Reaching out to achieve the higher goal of satisfying to the fullest, every patient who walks in to our Westmead dental Centre, we believe in progressively improving our array of specific dental treatments. Be it through technological upgrades or personnel improvement – we do not let any obstacle stand in our way of achieving that goal. We also keep an emergency team ready at all times. So, call us to book an appointment and drop in to avail our dentistry services. We assure you, you'll be leaving with a big smile!

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