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Your smile is priceless to us…

VY Wong's long list of long term relationships with all of our patients, both one time and frequent ones, coupled with an attitude to continue to do the same, has been a factor that has contributed heavily to being the number one choice for a visit to a dentist in Northmead. Gladly answering and always innovating new ways to all your dental requirements, our focus on providing timely assistance and utmost comfort to all of our patients is always our priority. Making sure that we do not cause any level of discomfort to our patients as we understand that going through a dental procedure can be a daunting task, trust us, we have cured many 'cold feet'.

Our Northmead Dental Centre focuses on looking for the best and easiest possible treatment, by putting to use, some of the most advanced technology in dentistry. Be it the requirement of a simple teeth whitening process or getting your missing tooth replaced – you can trust us to make the process nice and easy. Our dental clinic in Northmead has also received much acclaim from patients for our groundbreaking methods of dealing with the slightly serious dental problems like providing extensive root canal therapy or performing oral surgery – our record of success speaks for itself.

Serving with maximum dedication and utmost care

In order to be employed with us, one has to be the best dentist in Northmead. However, professional expertise being a mandate, we also instill values of dedication at the workplace along with maintaining a great level of care with all of our patients, in each and every staff member, regardless of his or her role.

Be it our general dentistry solutions professionals guiding the patients on including day to day hygiene into our patients' lifestyle or someone handling fillings or crowns and bridges, in order to be a part of our esteemed team of professionals working at our equally esteemed Northmead Dental Centre, maintaining a certain degree of respect for each and every patient is crucial. The same goes for our other services like cosmetic dentistry, Preventive dentistry, Home whitening, Restorative dentistry, Orthodontics (braces), Endodontics (root canal therapy), and others.

Once a patient is registered into our dental clinic in Northmead, we extensively go through his entire dental history, including past oral complications or dental surgeries, if there are any. Only after thorough analysis, our expert will carry out an in-depth examination of the patient and then proceed to advise them accordingly on whether they need implants, a brace, asurgery or some other procedure.

Dental solutions and expertise now within your reach

At our Northmead Dental Centre, our multidisciplinary team comes together for serious discussion, before determining the procedure for solving a complex case. If it's a fairly straightforward process, we give the go-ahead in an instance. Being employed as our dentist in Northmead is a prestigious position for any medical professional. However, that does not mean we charge exuberantly from our patients. Empathizing with their possible financial constraints, we deliver our services in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Our dental clinic in Northmead might be perceived as the best by many, but that has never been our intended goal. We started off with hopes of being able to help out our patients and influence their lives in a positive manner. Spreading smiles is our target and thankfully we have successfully matched our own expectations by exceeding our patients'. So if you value your smile as much as we do, contact us for an appointment and trust us to maintain the smile!

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