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Making you smile all through…

VY Wong Dental has established itself as a leading dental clinic in North Parramatta. Our professional team of highly qualified and technically adept dentists is setting benchmarks in the field of dentistry. Satisfying our patients, ensuring that they always get more than they expect for any of their requirements, be it teeth whitening or restoring their beautiful smile which they well and truly deserve by getting their missing teeth replaced, everything we do, we do it keeping our patients' best interests in mind. Even when dealing with serious problems that may require advanced dental rebuilding procedures like root canal therapy or a complete oral surgery, you can expect our dedicated team of experienced professionals to always make you feel at-ease and assured of your safety.

Determined to make additions to our well-knit yet highly efficient team only when we find the most qualified dentist in North Parramatta, we have set a high standard of work culture for ourselves which inculcates the objective of building long-term relationships with all of our patients, consistently delivering the best possible treatment, by putting to use the best technology available in the market. Maintaining such high standards has inadvertently become the identity of our North Parramatta Dental Centre.

Dedication, Care and Responsibility – The Three Pillars of our Service

Innovating better ways to deliver comprehensive solutions for all your dental needs, the standard of work we set for ourselves, one that is rare in any average dentist in North Parramatta, can only be matched with utmost dedication, care and responsibility on our part. It's the reason why we include day-to-day hygiene, fillings, crowns and bridges, along with a host of other services which also include braces and other cosmetic dentistry services. Our perception of ourselves is not that of the best Dental Clinic in North Parramatta, regardless of what people say, but we do consider ourselves as the most caring one.

Striving to offer you a hassle-free and memorable dental experience, our professionals give paramount importance to your ability to smile. Since smiles play such an important role in building our personality, you can trust us to leave you with the biggest smile on your face, not only because our dental procedures will make sure of it, but also because your experience at our North Parramatta Dental Centre, will oblige you to do so!

Making Dental Care Solutions Easily Available

When you arrive at our North Parramatta Dental Centre, our multidisciplinary team first notes down your entire oral history, taking into account any past complications or surgeries. After this, an expert carries out a thorough check-up and advises you accordingly, informing you whether you need braces, oral surgery, implants or any other form of dental attention. Not pertaining to straightaway solutions, our team of professionals uphold our policy of being extra careful at our Dental Clinic in North Parramatta. If we discover that the case is simple requiring a basic solution like teeth whitening, we head into the procedure at once. If not, our experts engage in serious discussions before coming up with treatment recommendations. Quite more than often this decision is a mutual one between our experts and our patients' family / representatives.

Price is a factor why many shy away from hiring a dentist in North Parramatta. Understanding our patients' problems, we aim to take care of all your dental health requirements at a reasonable price. We also cater our services to emergencies, keeping a team always on standby. If the best service and highest quality dental care is what you are looking for, contact us! We promise we won't let you leave without a smile on your face.

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