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Dedicated towards making you smile…

As VY Wong celebrates a period of constant support from its patients and acclaim from stalwarts in the world of dental practice, the target that we set out to reach, which always has and will be to spread smiles on the faces of our patients, building long-term relationships with them, has still not changed. Most of the success achieved by our dental clinic in Greystane can be accredited to our inherent passion for serving people, along with our high standards of professionalism. Both in terms of handling patients as well as coming up with innovative ideas, putting to use the best technology at par with most of the top rated dental institutions of the world, our Greystane Dental Centre has become one of the most recognised dental clinics.

Any dentist in Greystane employed with us is expected to perform the task with eloquence and a high standard of professionalism, dealing with every patient with care and compassion. Irrespective of the seriousness of the condition, whether it is something as minor as getting missing tooth replacement procedure, or something as complex as a root canal therapy, our team of experts will address your needs with complete care.

Establishing an atmosphere of care and dedication

At our dental clinic in Greystane, the range of services that we provide is huge. Along with general dentistry services which include the upkeep of hygiene in our patients on a daily basis, we also provide fillings for our patients in addition to other regular dental procedures like crowns and bridges. The high standard of professionalism and work ethics that we maintain in every treatment makes us extremely popular with our customers. Just ask any dentist in Greystane, what standards of providing dental care do they look up to, and our name will be called up in the conversation.

When you come in as a patient to our Greystane Dental Centre, even if your requirement is as rudimentary as getting a set of braces, we will sincerely cater to your needs. In case the requirement is far more multifaceted, our experts will put to use their highly rated qualifications and advanced equipment training in the fields of conservative dentistry, preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry and even cosmetic dentistry to render the best possible treatment.

Superior dental solutions within your reach

Our process of treating a patient may seem complex to some, but to satisfy the needs of our patients, our experts who have gained years of experience working at our dental clinic in Greystane, believe it is the best way to proceed. Initially when a patient approaches us for consultation at our Greystane Dental Centre, he or she is interviewed regarding the previous experiences with dentists. This includes a thorough analysis of the past dental history and other associated records. We also necessitate on our patients mutually collaborating with their feedback on previous dental complications and possible treatment options.

If the treatment is straight forward enough, requiring just minor surgery or methods, we carry on with it straight away, but in case of a complicated condition, only after further analysis and check-ups using our advanced technology, we proceed with the treatment. All of this however, does not in any way add extravagance to your bill. Our services are the most time and cost efficient in the business. Your search for the best dentist in Greystane ends at our facility. We guarantee that you will leave with friendship in your heart and a big smile on your face once we treat you. Contact us and get your appointment!

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